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    Coffee_MorningI’ve decided to start a Coffee Shop Review for Kent and East Sussex and would like your help, please.

    If, like me, you love going out for a coffee, whether it’s on your own or to meet a friend, please think about the 4 questions below next time you go and report back to me.

    For each one please give it one of the following scores:

    Excellent – Good – Just OK – Poor

    1. How good is the coffee?

    2. How comfortable is the seating? (very important if you want to do some writing and stick around for a while)

    3. How good was the service?

    4. How good is the ambiance of the place?

    Add any comments you’d like to make – this can be as lengthy or short as you like – have fun with it!

    And finally take a photo of the café if at all possible.

    So, for example, Costa Coffee in Tenterden I would say:

    1. Excellent
    2. Excellent
    3. Good unless very busy
    4. Just OK – can be noisy and they start cleaning the floor before they close.

    I will visit any that get good reviews to check them out – any excuse to go out for coffee!

    Then I’ll post all the reviews on my Cafe Society blog and soon we will all be able to choose the best places to go for our daily/weekly caffeine fix.

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