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My Artists Studio

My Art Studio

I started painting watercolours when I moved to Suffolk in 2015 and found myself sitting by the river at Flatford Mill where Constable painted the Haywain. Nobody told me that watercolours are the hardest medium to paint in!

Then I discovered a delightful art group run by Hazel Bradshaw just up the road from Monks Eleigh where I live. Here I was introduced to acrilyic paint which is a joy to work with!

A holiday in Trujillo, Spain where there were nine pairs of nesting storks resident in the chimneys and bell towers of this delightful medieval town prompted me to paint the beautiful Spanish White Storks.

Walking in the beautiful Lake District you come across many a dry stone wall and that became a theme for a while.

I’ve also painted beloved pets to bring joy to their owners and and other animals that take my fancy.

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