My Novels

Unlikely Neighbours by Gill BuchananGill’s first novel, Unlikely Neighbours, is the story of Chloe, Alex, Becky and Sheila who have very little in common except that they all live in Lodge Lane in the village of Hartfield. They all have challenges ahead of them and we hear the story from each of their points of view in a series of monologues. Over time they prove to be a source of support to each other and their lives entwine.

The book has been well reviewed on Amazon, and she has received much praise from her readers much to her surprise and delight.


Forever Lucky by Gill Buchanan
Encouraged by the response she published her second novel, Forever Lucky about Katie, who seems to loose everything on her 50th birthday when her husband dies but instead of shrinking away from the world she finds herself blossoming out and enjoying the new directions that life takes her.

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Birch & Beyond by Gill BuchananMany readers wanted more… a sequel and so she wrote in which the story of Katie’s new life continues and the characters we’ve come to love in Forever Lucky live on.

Birch & Beyond