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    Tuscan landscapes

    I had the pleasure of staying in the small town of  San Quirico d’Orcia in the southern part of Tuscany last year. The surrounding countryside and villages were a joy and I was very busy with my camera capturing the idyllic beauty of the place when we went out exploring.

    One day I didn’t go out with the main group but ventured into town where to my surprise there was a vintage car rally zooming through the narrow streets of San Quirico which were lined with locals and a few tourists cheering them on.

    I continued up to the Municipio di San Quirico – the town hall – and up two flights of stone stone steps until I reached a photography exhibition with the most amazing Tuscan landscapes. I was mesmerised by every picture.

    When I returned home to Suffolk I set too with my paint brush to try and capture some of the stunning splendour of those landscapes. And here are the results.

    Tuscan landscape

    Landscape painting of Tuscany, Acriylic on Canvas










    Tuscany landscape




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