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    Blue Jasmine – film review

    Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins in Blue JasmineThis weekend The Grey and I watched Blue Jasmine, the film written and directed by Woody Allen, for the second time and loved it even more.

    Cate Blanchett plays a New York socialite who falls from grace and turns to her adopted sister, Ginger, (played by Sally Hawkins who I’m a big fan of) who lives in a shabby San Francisco apartment and is a single mum with two young boys.

    Jasmine, as the Cate Blanchett figure decides to call herself, is deeply troubled and in denial about what has actually happened to her and is a dreadful judge of character alluding to men with social status rather than those who are trustworthy.Blue Jasmine

    Cate won an Oscar for best actress for the film and deservedly so; she is brilliant.

    I thought it was a shame that Sally Hawkins didn’t get best supporting actress as I thought she was also pivotal to the film’s success.


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    Film review: Pride without a fall

    PrideThe Grey and I opted for the film Pride last weekend.

    Reviews were not raving but with a sterling cast and based on a true but very unlikely story, we thought it worth a punt. That and the fact that I managed to get us the best seats in the house – F1 and F2 – don’t tell anyone.

    When we got there the local car park was surprisingly empty and I began to wonder if we were in for a howler but the cafe of the Kino was pretty buzzy and it was the last film on Sunday starting after 8.30pm so we braced ourselves.

    It turned out to be excellent – very funny throughout and plenty of feel good factor.

    In summary, a group of London gay and lesbian activists decide to support the National Union of Miner’s strike of 1984 (amazing hairstyles) by raising money for the families of a small Welsh village. As you can imagine they come up against some not-so-21st century views on homosexuality.

    It may seem like a wacky idea until you realise it’s based on a true story.
    Bill Nighy who I am a big fan of (did I mention that?) was looking rather grey throughout as if he needed to blend in with the dreary weather but his Welsh accent was great (if amusing).

    Before the credits roll you find out what happened to the real life characters – again some surprising outcomes.

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    Looking For Hortense

    Kristin Scott ThomasI love French films and the current offering, Looking for Hortense or Cherchez Hortense, is no exception.

    Kristin Scott Thomas is brilliant in the film. As an actor, she never seems to stop working!  As far as I can make out she’s been in 67 French and English speaking films including 3 films already this year!

    Jean-Pierre Bacri and Kristin Scott Thomas play a well-off Parisian couple with an adolescent son who provides a lot of the humour.

    Jean-Pierre is a professor of Chinese culture teaching a class for business executives preparing to work in China and Kristin plays an avant-garde theatre director. Their marriage is not in a good place and he can’t bring himself to tell her that he hasn’t managed to get his pompous father, a senior judge, to obtain a visa extension for a Serbian relative of hers.

    The best scene goes something like this:

    Son to father (in Thai restaurant after father flirts with male waiter): Are you a homosexual?

    Father: No.

    Son: Let me put it another way; have you ever slept with men?

    Father: Yes. Does that make me homosexual?

    The film moves along and keeps you interested. It’s more ‘wry smile’ than ‘laugh out loud’. The French is easy to follow as the subtitles come up fairly slowly.

    Find it on LoveFilm

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