10 ideas for blog posts that anyone can write!

  1. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3 things I can’t live without
  2. What’s in your hand bag? (Sorry, this clearly discriminates against men – pockets? car?)
  3. FAQ type of post – questions I am always being asked and the answers
  4. How to….. Share your knowledge
  5. Create a guide to something – e.g. A guide to buying and looking great in jeans
  6. 10 top tips for….. Again using your field of expertise
  7. A photo tour of a part of your town/city or where you work
  8. Review of a restaurant you like / local theatre / film / or book you’ve read
  9. Share a recipe on a theme (e.g. easy mid week meal) – one that you (and your family) enjoy often – mine would be baked risotto with pancetta, tomatoes and herbs
  10. Share your thoughts on the non-fiction book you have read that has influenced you the most in your life so far

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