About my Novels

Gill Buchanan writes Women's fiction for mid-life women who want to be entertained with both humour and poignancy as the story unfolds.

Often the main character is a woman who has made mistakes along the way (haven’t we all) and is striving to find a way to a better life.

If you are looking for the perfect holiday read with a touch of romance and a feel good factor, you are in the right place.
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The Novel I am Currently Writing

The novel that I am currently writing is about Wanda, who despite being an artist, somehow ends up marrying a farmer, Glen Taylor. Big mistake number 1. Her excuse is that she was young, impressionable and listened to her mother too much at the time.

We first meet Wanda at the age of 52, her daughters have flown, and she spends most of the time trying to avoid farm work. She also likes to do things her way and not the way of the Taylor family who she married into and who deploy the methods of intensive farming, spraying chemicals liberally over crops.  

When the farm starts to struggle financially and Glen gets really stressed things go terribly wrong which puts Wanda's marriage and her life as she knows it at risk.

Wanda’s Tree will be published in late 2022. 

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