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Gill Buchanan

I discovered my love for writing fiction in 2002 and my first novel, Unlikely Neighbours, was published some years later in 2013. It is written as a series of monologues from four main characters: Alex, 49, who has just lost his City job; Chloe, one disastrous marriage down and a male dominated work life; Becky, who has little Jack and an ex who abused her and Sheila who is on anti-depressants and struggling with life after the early retirement of her husband. They are an unlikely bunch which makes life interesting.

With a bit of a theme of women facing adversity…

… I went on to write Forever Lucky, the story of Katie Green who loses her husband on her 50th birthday and as it tuns out, much more besides. She’s left struggling financially with two teenage daughters who are deluded in thinking they are princesses. I had such fun returning to Highgate village in London (where I spent some of my student days) and writing this novel that I decided to write a sequel and so Birch & Beyond was born.

In the mean time I had met and married my husband Tony and we moved to Suffolk in 2015 to our ‘forever home’ although I can’t quite bring myself to say forever.

As he talked about his mother and father who met during World War II I realised there was an incredible love story and family saga to be told and with the families’ permission I did exactly that. It was fascinating delving into the lives of those that lived through that war, the totally different culture to the world we live in today. What struck me was the huge resilience they had and the ‘live for the moment’ attitude which they seemed to embrace. I’m sure we could all learn a thing or two from them.

My latest novelThe Disenchanted Hero is now published and available on Amazon along with my other novels.

If you do read any of my novels, I’d love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Gill Buchanan


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