Forever Lucky by Gill Buchanan

Forever Lucky

From the auForever Lucky by Gill Buchananthor of Unlikely Neighbours, this novel explores the consequences for a middle class family when the husband and father dies suddenly. Not only does Katie, a devoted wife of more than twenty years, have to cope with her grief and that of her teenage daughters, Alice and Bethan, she also has to come to terms with the added shock of discovering that David has mysteriously left them destitute.
With a mortgage still to pay for their home in London’s affluent Highgate village, and having devoted herself to bringing up her daughters and volunteering for charities, Katie is left with some arduous choices.
The story of the ups and downs of this widow and her two daughters’ as they struggle over the months that follow is told with poignancy and at times a gentle humour.

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5 Gold Stars   Great Relaxing Read
By Jane Bennett on 16 April 2015
A great relaxing read – easy to get into, fun and poignant at the same time, with a feel-good ending. I liked the little personality quirks of each character.
Having really enjoyed her first book, Unlikely Neighbours, I was optimistic and this was just as good. Highly recommend it.

5 Gold Stars  Sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy!
By Pamela Boden on 26 March 2015
This is a very enjoyable read and very hard to put down! Despite the very sad start to the story, it was emotionally rewarding to read how the main characters struggled to overcome all their problems. There is plenty of humour in this book and a very happy ending.

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