Life with The Grey

Achieved something great? Have a little gig!

You know when you’ve done something great when you can’t help it – you have to do a little gig!

Greg Wallace has a quick dance when he tastes a yummy pudding on Master Chef and The Grey dances around the house from October to December because he’s so happy that Strictly Come Dancing is on!

For me there’s something about that moment, when you’ve achieved something great, something you’ve strived for. I remember when I past my driving test, I found myself singing all round my flat. It was the third attempt so it certainly didn’t come easily and the thought of being able to get around independently and no more driving lessons(!) was a very good one.

Hugh Grant plays the prime minister in the film Love Actually (another Richard Curtis special) and he falls in love with the woman who brings him tea which prompts him to do a full on disco dance with some fabulous 80s moves to Jump (for my love) by The Pointer Sisters – wonderful stuff! Watch here on You Tube:

Do you dance or sing to celebrate? When was the last time you couldn’t help yourself – I’d love to know!

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