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Half way up Cap Bell on Christmas dayPower to Connect Online

Recently I have met an amazing woman who is also a writer who happens to live very near me and a lovely lively happy family from Leicester. Both through a website I use: Trusted House Sitters.

Victoria, the writer, came over one evening with her husband and we chatted about our writing and publishing experiences as well as our pets and lives in general in this part of Suffolk. It was delightful to meet them both.

For the family from Leicester we used Facetime so that we could catch a snapshot of each other’s lives on a Monday evening in the comfort of our own homes. Whilst we are from different cultures we had a lot in common and whilst they simply don’t celebrate Christmas, we choose not to celebrate in the traditional way.

Instead my husband and I, for the At the summit!second year running are taking ourselves up to the Lake District to stay in a wonderful hotel, walk the fells, enjoy lovely delicious food and the good company of like-minded people. Last year on Christmas Day we walked up Cap Bell which was quite a challenge and felt like rock climbing at times! At the top the walk leader produced a bottle of sherry and some paper cups and we enjoyed a wee dram as well as a sense of achievement. The views were stunning and it was wonderful to be out in the open, meeting others who chose to do the same.

And, thanks to the internet, I can share this life-affirming message with you now.

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