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Are you trying to live a glossy magazine lifestyle?

Lock-down Moment

I bought a magazine the other day – it was a kind of lock-down reactionary moment in the supermarket. Lockdown Magazine moment Perhaps it was because so much was off limits at the time, due to the Covid 19 virus. But I could legally buy a girly mag for one of those chilling out moments when you might be in need of a bit of light entertainment.

I won’t say which one it was because, let’s face it, they are all very similar, and I don’t want to single this one out.

Magazine Perfection

Having had a browse through, I noted a strange mixture of real-life-fight-for-survival type stories and content which is all about being:

  • fresh faced and beautiful;
  • wearing the latest fashion (even if you do look like you’re colour blind and shopping in your pyjamas);
  • a picture of health;
  • some sort of domestic Goddess living in an idyllic supper clean and tidy home and presenting delicious meals day after day;
  • scooping up all the must have gadgets and apps that are going to make life so much easier…


You could be forgiven for feeling massively overwhelmed at the very prospect of this kind of life. It shrieks of:

Oh no! I’m not good enough!

Interestingly, there was one article written by a woman who had burnt out at 50

She had experienced illness and grief whilst juggling family and business demands. To top it all she started going through the menopause. (Being a fellow sufferer, I can sympathise.)

So, in response to all this, she decided to simplify her life.

Keep things Simple

She read a book which suggested she did just seven things a day. Seven seems like a lot to me but if it includes everything, like exercise, cooking, working etc.. then perhaps not. Anyway, she settled on six.

She found more time for exercise, more time to commune with nature, more time for herself and more time to help others. All this led to a calmer, happier existence. She could still be productive and enjoy life more.

Woman relaxing in hammock

This article had more impact on me than the rest of the magazine put together. I actually tried the ‘six things a day’ scenario for a couple of weeks and it worked. So now I am just more realistic about what I can fit in to every day.

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