Domestic Goddess or Fed up with cooking?

Did you enjoy cooking in lockdown?

Or did it become a daily chore?

I enjoy cooking. I like trying new recipes, as those of you who know me, are already aware. Every now and then I produce a meal and The Grey asks, worthy of a photo? And it ends up on Facebook and Instagram. I often end up sending the recipe to one of my followers.

But during lockdown the whole eating thing started to become a chore

It was day after day, evening after evening, the question, what shall we have for dinner? became eternal and prompted a long sigh.

I began sharing ideas with friends: local restaurants doing take-aways (including Friday night curry); Cook ready meals; Cote started a delivery service. Anything but having to cook, AGAIN!

Every day I was faced with a dilemma. Do I cook yet again or do I let The Grey cook (he was very willing) and hope for the best? With The Grey, results are mixed. He can do a very good ‘school dinner’ type meal (his description, not mine) but he’s not always successful when trying something new. He once, told me to relax in the conservatory while he cooked. The next thing I know, the kitchen is on fire.

Looking back on lockdown, I’m not sure how we got through it but, of course, we did.

What was your experience? Do you love cooking night after night or were you thoroughly fed up with it all?

Since restaurants have opened up again and I have been out for a meal a few times, I have noticed how I appreciate the whole dining out experience so much more! This simple pleasure in life was denied us for four months and now we have this freedom again, you can enjoy something we previously took for granted, all the more.

Let me know in the comment box below, how you feel about the whole cooking thing. Pleasure or chore? Domestic Goddess or Grumpy Chef?

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1 thought on “Did you enjoy cooking in lockdown?”

  1. Claire Montgomery

    Hiya Gill.
    Hope your safe a d well.

    Yes I did not of cooking and taught myself to bake.
    Learnt a lot in lockdown xx

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