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Women 60+ not giving up!

For the first time in the UK, there are more women aged 60 to 64 in work than not, according to the Office for National Statistics.

In fact there has been an increase of 51% since 2010.

I know that there were changes to the state pension age for women in 2010 but is that the only reason?

I can’t see myself ever retiring

I’ve just had to work out how old I am. Is that a sign of old age? Anyway I’m 56 but have a birthday coming soon. But it’s just a number. Who cares? It’s all about your everyday experience. Perhaps I’m not old enough, but I have no desire to retire anyway.

I love my work – writing women’s fiction. It gives me a sense of purpose. A reason to get out of bed in the morning. Creating empathetic characters and deciding their destiny is great fun and then there’s the sense of achievement when you have a the finished paperback in your hand.

Do women have to retire because their husband has?

In The Long Marriage, Roger is made redundant at the age of 60. He’s a Marketing Director and the nature of this industry has changed enormously with the advent of the internet and social media. He finds he is too near retirement age to get a similar job. Ellie, his wife, meanwhile, retired a couple of years ago but found she needed more of a reason to get out of bed in the morning. So she took a job with an estate agency showing people round homes for sale. It turns out that’s she’s good at it, and she is offered a full time agent role. Should she take it, leaving her husband floundering at home? Should she stay part time or even give up altogether and accept that they are starting a new life together as retirees.

What’s your view on retirement?

What would you do in Ellie’s position? What’s your view on working on into your sixties and beyond? Work until you drop or opt for a life of looking after grandchildren and cruises. (Other holidays and activities are available.)

I would love to hear from you. What’s your view on this?

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  • Anthony Buchanan

    ” Do you enjoy your work? ” If the answer is “Yes” think very carefully before you decide to retire.
    Unfortunately I was not in a position to work part time, which would have been much the wiser course for me to follow. I found retirement one hell of an adjustment. How quickly my world shrank. I was no longer ” an important person.” A mortal blow to my ego and self esteem. I guess I’m reconciled to it now but every now and again I get that yearning to jump on the 07 15am train to Liverpool Street.

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