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Healing Nature

This story of the healing power of nature, of ancient woodland and rewilding is one that gladdens my heart. So much so that these are elements that are helping to shape my next novel.

Down in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall (Poldark Country) is a 14th century farmhouse, Cabilla Manor owned by Robin Hanbury-Tenison’s family. His son, Merlin, took over the farm in recent years with the intention of turning it into a healing centre.

Merlin is creating a healing centre at the farm and also rewilding the landscape with grazing Angora goats, red deer and wild boar.

They have also reintroduced two beavers and I just love the names they have given them: Sigourney Beaver and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Beavers are very clever animals capable of changing a landscape for the better.

Robin caught Covid-19 early on in the pandemic and at the age of 84 his life was held in the balance for many weeks. When he began to recover, he was wheeled into the hospital garden and he is now convinced that this helped him to get back to full strength.

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