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Appréciez-vous la cuisine française ?

The RendezvousIf you live in Westerham Kent you are lucky enough to have the authentic French dining experiences on your door-step. They even have grumpy waiters.

The food is excellent and I’ve eaten there a good number of times as I used to live in Westerham.

The Grey and I popped in for lunch the other day and had their shellfish salad (lots of yummy food) and a glass of wine for very little money – excellent value.

I remember this brasserie when it was half the size it is now (they bought the shop next door a few years ago) and they crammed in as many tables as they could. You might arrive hoping for a romantic dining experience and find yourself sitting just a few inches from the couple on the next table hoping for the same thing. It’s funny though, after a while (and a glass of wine or two) you forgot about it and had a great time anyway. Now, there’s plenty of space I think the tables have even got a little bigger.

The Rendezvous makes an appearance in my first novel, Unlikely Neighbours. In fact Westerham is in fact the fictitious ‘Hartfield’ in my mind as I write. The restaurant plays a much bigger role in my next novel to be published soon as it is home to the dashing Pierre. When The Grey first read the first draft of the novel he was convinced that Pierre was real and the owner of the Rendezvous so he booked a table and sure enough the owner dressed smartly in a suit was wandering around ensuring all was well. Trouble was, he had a beer gut and wasn’t what you’d call handsome so I think he finally believed me when I said he was made up!

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