I run my own business: what do I blog about?

A blog is a great way to inform your audience about what you do in a non-salesy way. By putting out free information you attract new followers and ultimately new customers.

So what do you write about? Here are five ideas.

1.      Educate and inform your audience about what you doComing up with blog ideas

Answer the questions that you often get asked by your customers or clients. This might be during initial discussions or treatments, workshops, classes, events or networking.

  • Maybe you get asked questions after you do your elevator pitch?
  • Clarify different concepts and ideas related to your business. Take the mystery out of it.
  • Develop top 10 tips on…. a specific area of your expertise – people love these on social media!

2.      Share experiences

This could be anything from living in a different country for a year or visiting and reviewing all the coffee shops in your area.

You may be involved in a project and want to blog about your progress from beginning to the end result.

3.      Significant days / changing of the seasons

Write blogs on significant days or as a new season starts:

  • The start of spring (hoorah!)
  • 26 April – The London Marathon
  • 4th and 23rd May – Bank Holidays
  • 19th Chelsea Flower Show (I actually went last year – it was amazing!)
  • 23rd May – Eurovision song contest – always good for a laugh!

4.      Who in your industry/life, do you really admire?

Pick someone and do a profile on them. Even better: interview them if you can.

5.      Guest Blogging

This is where someone with a similar target audience to you allows you to write a blog post which they put on their blog site. You may want to reciprocate and invite them to guest blog on yours.

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