Work shoes or barefoot on the beach?

Is part-time work a good idea?

Work shoes or barefoot on the beach?

Getting a balance between work and play becomes more important as we reach midlife. We value our time more and might want to pursue new interests.

Some decide to go from full-time to part-time work as a stepping stone to retirement

In my latest novel, The Long Marriage, Roger is thrown out of a high- powered job at 60 and is all at sea – he has no clue what he wants to do. His immediate reaction is to get back into insurance where he was before and his attempts prove unsuccessful forcing him to re-think.To

To go straight from a busy full-time job into retirement can be a bit of a shock. So going part-time may be the answer. You can tap into your wealth of experience and life skills to work out the right move for you. Or you may want to do a course to make you eligible for something new.

By going part-time you can achieve a better work/life balance

Whatever you decide it is really important that you are choosing something that will make your heart sing – that you will really enjoy.

There are part-time jobs out there that are rewarding. And if you have a particular skill that you can offer on a self-employed basis then you become your own boss and decide your own hours.

Try the Rest Less website for ideas and opportunities.

What are the advantages of Part-time?

  • Less stress – less rushing around
  • Use your skills and life experience to find rewarding work
  • Earn just enough to tide you over until you’ve paid off your mortgage and start to receive your pension
  • Having more time to yourself will give you a new lease of life and more time for socialising

Having a job gives you interaction with others which can be really important to your wellbeing.

Especially if you live alone. In my novel, The Long Marriage, Carol is in her late fifties and retired when her husband leaves her. She suddenly has more time on her hands and is at risk of becoming lonely so she gets a part-time job at the local farm shop.

With a work life balance you have more time for….

  • daily tasks without rushing around
  • exercise – maybe walking on a regular basis
  • cooking meals from raw ingredients – so much better for your health
  • new interests: gardening, DIY, (I started painting a few years ago and I really enjoy it. It is wonderfully relaxing.)
  • visiting friends and family
  • planning holidays / leisure activities

When you have achieved a really good work life balance you may well be in no hurry to retire! Especially if you enjoy your work.  You are likely to feel happier, healthier and get more out of life.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Do you work part-time and does it work for you? Do you have a good work/life balance?

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The Long Marriage by Gill Buchanan, available on 7th August

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