Lockdown – great news for a writer?

Writers Room with a River ViewAs the norm for me is working from home in my room with a river view, the idea of being confined to barracks shouldn’t faze me. So I told myself. Lots of time to get on with work.

My weekly pilates class at Kersey Mill with coffee after is reduced to an hour on Zoom. (Plus fiddling about a bit beforehand and trying to get the camera facing me or the mat.) So much more time for writing!

What I quickly came to realise is that having the freedom to roam is all part of the creative experience. A walk round the village every now and then was nice but not quite the same as a pootle round town and the café moment. For some unexplained reason, being away from my desk, affords a freedom which kick starts the imaginative juices.

Cafe society

Then we had semi-unlock. You can go to places as long as you maintain social distancing. The big question for me, (and this was featured on Woman’s Hour), was, will there be public conveniences open? I don’t know about you, but I can’t even consider a long journey followed by time spent appreciating Felixstowe beachfront/Flatford Mill or wherever, followed by a long journey home all with crossed legs!

Therefore, the further unlocking this weekend is welcome news to me. Just being somewhere which feels just about normal will be wonderful. I shall appreciate it all the more.

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