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Looking For Hortense

Kristin Scott ThomasI love French films and the current offering, Looking for Hortense or Cherchez Hortense, is no exception.

Kristin Scott Thomas is brilliant in the film. As an actor, she never seems to stop working!  As far as I can make out she’s been in 67 French and English speaking films including 3 films already this year!

Jean-Pierre Bacri and Kristin Scott Thomas play a well-off Parisian couple with an adolescent son who provides a lot of the humour.

Jean-Pierre is a professor of Chinese culture teaching a class for business executives preparing to work in China and Kristin plays an avant-garde theatre director. Their marriage is not in a good place and he can’t bring himself to tell her that he hasn’t managed to get his pompous father, a senior judge, to obtain a visa extension for a Serbian relative of hers.

The best scene goes something like this:

Son to father (in Thai restaurant after father flirts with male waiter): Are you a homosexual?

Father: No.

Son: Let me put it another way; have you ever slept with men?

Father: Yes. Does that make me homosexual?

The film moves along and keeps you interested. It’s more ‘wry smile’ than ‘laugh out loud’. The French is easy to follow as the subtitles come up fairly slowly.

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