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Reduce Plastic Waste and save the Planet

Reading Books can be a plastic-free experience

I was thinking about books. They’re made of paper and Amazon usually deliver them in cardboard. Many readers are opting for e-books these days. Either option doesn’t involve plastic.

Plastic wasteBut if you look around your home the amount of single use plastic is frightening.

A trip to the Supermarket and you come home with copious Plastic

Supermarkets seem to insist on wrapping everything in plastic even vegetables. You can buy three peppers in a plastic bag for about a pound or one loose pepper for about 60p. It just doesn’t make sense.

The recent television documentary presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani really highlighted what a massive problem plastic is and the devastating effect the effect it is having on our planet. One of the most frightening things that they highlighted was that the larger plastic producers are scaling up, not down! Enormous amounts of single-use plastic is going straight into the ocean and killing sea life and generally destroying our planet.

Not enough gets Recycled

If you’re like me, you check packaging to see what is supposedly recyclable and put those items in a different bin for a separate collection; the maddening thing is that a lot of it doesn’t get recycled. We even pay Malaysia to take some of it from us and guess what? They then tip into their ocean.

Another thing that I found quite remarkable is that wet wipes are 85% plastic. I was using facial wipes daily because they were so convenient but I had no idea that they contain so much plastic.

So, time for change.

I have invested in flannels and good old bars of soap. I must admit I’m still using a facial cleanser which comes in a Soap and flannelplastic bottle, however it’s a step in the right direction. I have also discovered that Simple produce biodegradable facial wipes.

We are lucky here in Suffolk as the owners of our farm shop, Hollow Trees, have moved towards a plastic-free zone already. I’m sure it’s what most customers want.

Shopping in supermarkets is a nightmare if you are trying to avoid plastic packaging but it is possible to buy some vegetables loose and those are the ones that I go for! There are zero waste shops cropping up now here and there but it’s quite hard to find one near you in rural areas they seem to be mainly in cities.

So, are you going to join me?

What single step can you take today to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in your bin? Let me know!

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