Over fifties to self-isolate – huh!

Over 50s to self-isolate? Huh!

On Sunday morning I had a very rude awakening! I was listening, bleary eyed to my go-to radio station, Times Radio, when the female presenter airily commented that over 50s were going to have to shield. I suspect she was under 50 and not bothered about who she upset.

But believe me I was suddenly wide awake and angry!

This government have got a lot wrong but I’ve refrained from criticising them because this pandemic is an unprecedented situation and presents very difficult challenges. But when I heard this ageist announcement, I was ready to write to Boris!

To decide that all over fifties are more likely to get and spread the virus is ridiculous. I am a very fit and healthy over fifty and I eat a diet which strongly supports my immune system. I have not had so much as a cold for over a year.

I totally understand that if you have underlying conditions or feel vulnerable in any way you may choose to shield. It is up to individuals to take responsibility for themselves and make sensible decisions.

I’m fed up with the nanny state telling me what to do!

The over fifties form a significant part of our population and many are working and spending money supporting the economy. This is probably why the government have done a U-turn on this ageist policy but they shouldn’t be so clumsy as to come out with it in the first place.

Get a grip, Boris!

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