Picture this!

A blog without the picture is like wet weather on your holiday. Disappointing.

Your blog post is much more likely to be read if you have an image. Research has shown that articles with images get 94% more views than those without. Also the image you use can be easily carried over to social media sites such as Facebook so that the link to your blog post is much more likely to be clicked on.

Natterjack toadWe live in a very visual age – people love to click on pictures! Interesting pictures. Interesting due to their content. Or maybe intriguing? Why is there a photo of a natterjack toad on this page? Just because I have a sense of humour!

How to find the right image.

  • Search in Google for royalty free shops. This is probably the quickest way of getting an image and doesn’t cost anything as long as it is royalty free.
  • Invest in a library shot. I use the image bank, istock, but they have become very expensive recently, so you may just want to invest in a few images you can use frequently.
  • Organise a photo shoot to get a library of images, you can use. All you need is a decent camera and good natural light.
  • Ask customers or clients to send photos to you – this might be before and after they’ve used your service or used your product.

Whatever you do, add an image to your blog post and see your number of readers rides, rise, rise!

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