Life with The Grey

Settling in slowly

The next couple of weeks were a strange mixture of cleaning the Wendy house, moving furniture around to try and make it fit (and failing), wishing we had broadband and venturing out into our new world and thinking wow!

The Swan LavenhamOn the Saturday we went to The Swan at Lavenham for lunch and sat in their cosy bar area and had delicious battered cod and chips. After we had a saunter round the delightful independent shops and I made a few small purchases.  As we drove back through the beautiful autumnal countryside which was backlit with a pink sunset I decided we’d come to the right place. You really have a sense that the fields go on forever only to be broken by a pretty village or a farm shop every now and then.

Barn Owl

Another day we went to explore Long Melford which is yet another lovely historic village – quite a large one too. We had coffee at The Swan where we were entertained with lively stories of the Parish Council meetings where power struggles and clashes between the old established folk and the younger newcomers were common and the police often called to restore order!

On the way home as we went along a country lane a Barn Owl hovered above the hedgerow (hunting for voles), no distance from our car. We made our way slowly and followed it as it continued on getting an amazing view. At one point it perched on the branch of a tree, almost as if it was happy to pose for us. How infuriating I didn’t have my camera with me! It must have been ten minutes before we lost it. Even The Grey had to admit he had not got this close to this magnificent bird before.


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