Life with The Grey

The Big Move

Suddenly in Suffolk Day zero arrived and we were moving. On a scale of 1 = disorganised and 10 = very organised we were about minus 52.All set to move

Suddenly there was still lots to pack – elusive stuff that you don’t really notice like coat stands with coats, stuff you use everyday etc.. Luckily the removal guys had had their ‘dealing with neurotic customers’ training and calmly packed the remaining bits with a smile.

As each room was stripped bare leaving dusty floors and walls marked where paintings had hung it stopped feeling like home. It’s funny but you are so used to seeing everything in its place from day-to-day that you almost assume it belongs to the house. There was one light fitting in our bedroom that I’d never particularly liked and when I saw it still hanging there on my final look round I decided to keep shtum. Unfortunately The Grey felt differently and he rescued it from an empty room – not easy when you have high ceilings and nothing to stand on! – and so it turned up later that day at the Wendy house like a bad penny.

Our lovely nil_570xn-441805549_l5q91eighbours, Jolyon and Diana, had invited us round for coffee and croissants and when it got to midday I decided I’d had enough and we knocked on their door.  It proved to be a very welcome piece of calm in what was an emotionally and physically exhausting day!

Just as I was leaving, which was hurried in the end (no time to say goodbye to the house) but I did manage a final hug with Annie from number 3 whilst we vowed to stay friends. I had thought that when the moment came I would be tearful but actually just getting into the quiet sanity of my car and knowing there was a long road ahead was quite a relief.

We changed our minds several times but in the end we didn’t get round to getting Gracie sedated for the day and we decided she would travel with The Grey in his smell-mobile. On arrival at the Wendy House he reported that she had been as good as gold and slept most of the way.





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