The Changing Face of Food

‘It was Sunday and Molly had decided to follow a recipe for vegetable and oatmeal goulash which had appeared on one of the government information leaflets that had come through the door recently. It talked about ingenious ideas for fooling the taste buds and in this recipe a bit of paprika was meant to deceive you into thinking you were eating meat.’

An excerpt from my novel: The Disenchanted Hero.

During WW2 food rationing was introduced as the government knew that it would be harder to import food.

Vegetable and Oatmeal GoulashFoods like butter, meat, cheese, eggs, milk, tea, jam and even sweets were rationed!
Most, like my character Molly, ‘dug for victory’ and turned their whole gardens over to vegetable growing and kept chickens.
The Vegetable and Oatmeal Goulash certainly doesn’t galvanise my taste buds. But, hey, you might be lucky enough to have a tin of corned beef to add to it.WW2 Recipe for Oatmeal and Vegetable Goulash
One thing is for sure, very few had cars and so the vast majority got around by walking or cycling.

What with this and the restrictions on food, we were a very healthy nation.

Abundant choice in the 21st Century

We are incredibly lucky in this day and age to have access to a wealth of food. Here, in Suffolk, local farm produce is readily available and the nearest farm shop just a five-minute drive away. Chef-led TV is aired daily – Saturday Kitchen is my favourite – and then any recipes you fancy are downloadable in an instant.
We have seen the rise of convenience foods and processed foods filling our supermarkets. I think nowadays there’s a kick back against this way of eating and a move towards healthier options. Certainly in my household we have become flexitarians, opting for a lot more vegetarian foods.

Healthy Eating

Just in the last year the trend has been for:

  • Plant-based proteins: tofu, tempeh and quinoa with some becoming Vegans
  • Gut-friendly fermented foods
  • Hyper-local food
  • Recipe kits delivered to your home
  • More use of spices and herbs to flavour food
  • Organic food – ditch the pesticides

Which trend are you following?

Read more about Molly and her WW2 experiences in The Disenchanted Hero, now available on Amazon.

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