Life with The Grey

What do you REALLY REALLY want?

Have you decided you are going to lose weight and exercise more along with a few million others? Or perhaps you’re setting BIG goals for your Make the right resolutionsbusiness – after all it is a New Year so why not?

There is something about the year changing that does make you think. It’s also that you have time to think over the festive break in between mince pies and playing out the ongoing family saga – either your own or Downton Abbey’s (much safer).

Magazines like Woman and Home have lots of articles to inspire you and help you work out what you REALLY REALLY want. (Not to be a Spice girl.) They contain that ironic blend of models in the latest fashion which you know you won’t buy because you need to be skinny and living some sort of idealistic lifestyle and ‘real’ women having life dramas with dull lifeless hair and problem skin.

What’s important to you?

One bit of advice I have found helpful so far is to work out what your values are which simply means work out what is important to you. Sit down with notepad and pen and no distractions and write down whatever comes into your head for about 20 minutes. Write as if there are no restrictions in your life and ask yourself:

  • When am I truly at my happiest?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • Write down everything you’ve ever wanted and anything you might want
  • Who inspires you?

From this you should be able to pick out a few top values e.g. time with my family, making a difference, laughing with my friends, being healthy.

Now, if any of the resolutions or goals or plans in general that you make help you fulfil those values you have identified then you are set up for a great year!

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