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Your style of writing – non fiction

If you are completely new to writing anything more than a tweet you need to get some practice in and develop your own style.

The easiest style for the reader is a conversational style where you were talking to the reader in an open and honest way. In my opinion this is the best way to write non-fiction.

To adopt this style:

  • Use short sentences
  • Don’t use words the reader might have to look up in a dictionary too often
  • Use bullet points to break up blocks of text (!)
  • Used subheads so the reader can easily find a paragraph they want to revert back to
  • Use commas if your sentence does get a bit long – your reader needs to breath

Practice makes Easy

Write some blogs first. Find your voice. Get your friends or anyone who is willing to read them to give you some honest feedback.

Use spell check for the howlers but remember when you’ve finished writing your blog you will not be able to edit it yourself.  It’s a weird thing, but you just can’t see the typos yourself.  In my first novel, Unlikely Neighbours, Alex’s parents arrived for Sunday lunch in a BMW and left in a Jaguar!  I must have read and re-read that chapter several times, oblivious to this obvious error.  However, it provides a very useful example of why you need an editor.

So remember this: when you are writing don’t get paranoid about any typos.

Write from the heart, not from your ego

Write from a point of wanting to help, inspire and/or motivate your reader depending on what you have to offer.

Be human – don’t make out you are perfect so they can learn from you. Tell them about your journey to where you are now and they will love you for it.

If you haven’t already, start writing. Now!



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