About Gill

Gill Buchanan has five published novels. She writes Women's fiction and Romance which make excellent holiday reads.
If you are a mid-life woman who wants to be entertained and fall in love with the characters that bring the story to life, you are in the right place.

Gill's latest novel, The Long Marriage, is about Roger and Ellie who have been married for 25 years and can almost finish each other’s sentences.

They jogged along as they brought up their two sons but now with an empty nest and Roger losing his job, while Ellie unexpectedly finds a new career,

the landscape has suddenly changed.

Gill often explores the relationships within families through her storylines.

In The Long Marriage, Ellie is feeling the effects of her youngest now struggling to make his way in the world, while at the same time her mother who is in a care home, is showing signs of Alzheimer disease. 

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My Books

Forever Lucky by Gill Buchanan and the sequel, Birch & Beyond
Unlikely Neighbours by Gill Buchanan

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