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The Artist, the Farmer and the Ancient Oak

At first glance this book seems to be about the hard life on a Suffolk farm and a farmer’s wife who doesn’t seem to fit in. But as you read on, you realise this is a life-affirming story about the difficulties of adjusting to change and finding the courage to follow your heart. 

The main character, Wanda, is a woman in her midlife who is made to feel that she is very much the underdog as she grows up, and doesn’t feel strong enough to say no to the unrealistic expectations placed on her. She quietly rebels against the pressure placed on her but resisting the negativity she receives from certain family members feels just too hard. 

Constantly criticised for her way of doing things and not conforming to the accepted practices of the farm, she is made to feel not just uncaring but incapable. Inevitably her marriage deteriorates, and she feels deeply unappreciated and unfulfilled. After seeking solace in the woods, she realises there is another world out there and another way of thinking. But it takes something bad to rock her world before she has the courage to act on her instincts. 

I found it hard to put this book down and would recommend it as a wonderful read on holiday or a quiet weekend. The author has a way of drawing you deeply into the character’s life to the point where you imagine being there with her.

At the end of the novel, Wanda finds a way that benefits everyone, and you almost want to celebrate her courage to follow through with her convictions. 

Ute Wieczorak-King

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