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Forever Lucky

We first meet Katie Green on her 50th birthday.

Far from being a happy occasion with her family, the evening ends in tragedy when her husband, David, has a massive heart attack.


While she grieves for David, she soon finds out that he was a secret gambler and that she is facing financial ruin. The idea of them having to give up their beautiful Victorian home in Highgate Village is unthinkable.


Her daughters, Alice, 18 and Bethan,16, adored their father, cannot contemplate any change to  the charmed life they have always enjoyed.  


Desperate times require drastic measures, but as Katie fights for survival her daughters are critical at every turn.

One of the themes in this perfect holiday read is how vulnerable women are when they give up their own career for the sake of the family. 

Mrs A P Brampton  5 stars:  Very Good Read

Good read about how life can suddenly change. Even in dire situations there can be a light at the end of a tunnel

Nicky2  5 stars: Thoroughly enjoyable book

Really enjoyed the characters and plausible storyline. Sorry it was finished, now must read the sequel. Would recommend it to anyone.

Amazon Customer  5 stars: Great Page turner

Found it difficult to stop reading. Good read, the characters were good and looking forward to reading the sequel.


J. Bennett  5 stars: Great Relaxing Read

A great relaxing read - easy to get into, fun and poignant at the same time, with a feel-good ending. I liked the little personality quirks of each character.

Having really enjoyed her first book, Unlikely Neighbours, I was optimistic and this was just as good. Highly recommend it.


barbara b.  5 stars: the story flowed beautifully and I just had to keep reading to find out what happens...

Gill's observations on people and their lives was most engaging, the story flowed beautifully and I just had to keep reading to find out what happened next. A most enjoyable read. I look forward to her next book.

J Lowther  5 stars: It was great seeing the characters develop and I didn't want it to end...

A thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish. It was great seeing the characters develop and I didn't want it to end. Having enjoyed Gill's first novel this didn't disappoint. Can't wait for the next sequel.


Dollyrocker  5 stars: LUCKY READER!

I have just finished reading Forever Lucky and feel sad to be leaving these characters behind. Gill Buchanan has managed that most tricky of tasks here: she’s created a world in which a reader can fully immerse.

Right away I was gripped by our heroine Katie’s plight. Newly bereft and plunged into debt, Katie bravely faces up to her nightmarish situation. Her daughters Alice, and especially the tempestuous Bethan, react pretty badly to their mother’s straitened circumstances. I should imagine many mothers reading this book will feel a wave of recognition at the teenage fury and unreasonableness that the author conveys so well here.

Luckily lodger Birch, the homme fatale who arrives as the love interest, is certainly a charmer and Katie finds herself with a shiny new coffee machine as a gift, as well as a budding romance!

Great book. Great story. Great fun.  Looking forward to the sequel.


US Kindle Customer  5 stars: I liked all of it

Well written, interesting characters, and a good plot. The teen daughters are just awful enough they deserve a slap or a hug ....

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