The Novels of Gill Buchanan

Gill Buchanan's novels are in the genre of Women's Fiction and Romance
and are great for light entertainment with humorous and poignant storylines.  

Unlikely Neighbours

Meet four Unlikely Neighbours:

Alex, a confirmed bachelor, has been forced to compromise his middle-class lifestyle and downsize with a move to Lodge Lane.

Chloe chooses career over children and her marriage ends in divorce.

Becky has escaped with her two-year-old from a violent husband.

Sheila is suffering with depression which has worsened since George took early retirement.

So you see, these neighbours haven't got a lot in common. Funny how things turn out though.

This author reminds me of Maeve Binchy because she elevates ordinary lives into fascinating stories. With the storytelling ability of Hollywood, this tale was truly enjoyable, full of laughs and kept my interest through each and every page. 


The Long Marriage

Roger Hardcastle has been forced into early retirement. Deep down he knew that he hadn't been keeping up with the latest marketing techniques for some time. Even so replacing him with the young upstart, Ryan, was brutal. As Roger nurses his bruised ego, he embarks on a soul-destroying search for a new job.

What hope is there for him at 60?

To add insult to injury, his lovely wife of 33 years, Ellie, has just been offered full time work at an estate agency in Capel Green owned by the local silver fox, James Addington. Roger doesn't trust him one bit.


It is all getting out of control.


Forever Lucky Kindle Cover.png

Forever Lucky

It is Katie Green's 50th birthday and far from being a happy occasion with her family, the evening ends in tragedy when her husband, David, has a massive heart attack.
Suddenly her middle-class lifestyle is turned upside down. 


While she grieves for David, she finds out she is facing financial ruin.

Her teenage daughters, who adored their father, struggle to understand why their charmed life has to change.  


Desperate times require drastic measures, but as Katie fights for survival her daughters are critical at every turn.


B&B Kindle cover Better.png

Birch & Beyond

If you loved Katie and all the characters in Forever Lucky, here is a gift: the ongoing story of the residents of Highgate Village.

Katie has found happiness with Birch, but his wife is determined to snare her husband back. Katie’s daughters also make life very difficult, especially Bethan who detests Birch and sees him as trying to replace her father far too soon after his untimely death.

Read the ongoing story of the residents of Highgate village.


The Disenchanted Hero FRONT 2020.jpg

The Disenchanted Hero

This is the story of Guy Woodhead and Mrs Molly Brooks who first met in 1940 as world-war two raged around them. Everything was against them; her marriage to the loathsome Johnny; Guy joining the military police and being posted to Italy whilst rationing is introduced back home and the bombing gets worse.  But still they fall in love.

Gradually the story unfolds shifting between 1940 and 2004, when Guy returns to Anzio. 
This novel is inspired by the true story of Molly and Guy.