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Unlikely Neighbours

Alex was made redundant from his top City job a year ago and is moving into the pretty Lodge Lane in the village of Hartfield to downsize and release some capital. At 49, his chances of getting a similar job in London are looking slim. He moves in with his classic Bentley, his beloved wine cellar and no sign of a plan B. 

His neighbour, Chloe, is a European Fund Manager with a divorce behind her and a male dominated City career ahead of her. Her jet setting lifestyle looks exciting to the outside world but the fact is she's lonely. 

On the other side, Becky has been moved into the lane with her two-year-old to escape her violent ex. Life is pretty difficult for Becky but gardening is a joy to her and with her green fingers the garden is where her heart sings. 

Next to Becky you've got Sheila and George; lived there forever. George is now retired and finally they have to face up to the cracks in their marriage. For Sheila it proves a difficult journey. 

So you see these neighbours haven't got a lot in common. Funny how things turn out though.


This romantic novel is the perfect holiday read. 

This novel explores how people from different backgrounds, not understanding each other at first, but gradually coming together to help each other through the adversities of life, just because they are neighbours.

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