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The Disenchanted Hero

It was 1940 when Guy Woodhead first lay eyes on Molly Brooks; the connection between them was strong and he knew she was the woman for him. The fact that she was married to the loathsome, Johnny, was just a hurdle to overcome in his eyes. Molly saw things differently fearing divorce would leave her ostracised from society.


Despite all the adversity they faced, they fell madly in love while World War two raged around them. With all three of them working in the aircraft factories, as part of the war effort, it wasn’t long before Johnny got wind of Guy’s intentions towards his wife.


Fast forward to 2004 and we find Guy, at the age of ninety-two, muddling along on his own in his dilapidated bungalow, enjoying a flutter on the horses every now and then, and living the simple life but with an air of sadness about him.


This solitary straightforward existence is suddenly rocked when his long-lost son, Tony, turns up out of the blue. Tony was just nineteen when he turned his back on his family no longer able to deal with the tragedy that had befallen them.


Now, Tony finds himself wanting to make amends and books the two of them on The Heroes Return trip to Anzio in Italy organised by the British Legion. Will this turn out to be Guy’s last big adventure? Will father and son reunite after the terrible fall out of the past?

This is romantic fiction told in two time zones: World War two and present day.

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