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The Long Marriage

From the author of Unlikely Neighbours, this perfect holiday read is set in a Suffolk village and explores family relationships.

Roger Hardcastle has been forced into early retirement. Deep down he knew that he hadn't been keeping up with the latest marketing techniques for some time. Even so replacing him with the young upstart, Ryan, was brutal. As Roger nurses his bruised ego, he embarks on a soul-destroying search for a new job. What hope is there for him at 60?


To add insult to injury, his lovely wife of 33 years, Ellie, has just been offered full time work at an estate agency in Capel Green owned by the local silver fox, James Addington. Roger didn't trust him one bit. It is all getting out of control.


Now that Roger has far too much time on his hands, he begins to see the village of Little Capel, where he has lived for many years, in a different light. Far from being the picture postcard sleepy rural idle, he naturally assumed it was, it turns out that this place, where everyone seems to know your business, is far from dull.

"Gill Buchanan has a great eye for the little details and strands that bind people together. She tells it all in a lovely, easy style and with little flashes of wicked humour.”

"Another fine read from Gill - the characters are so compelling - you just want to know more about their lives and times. I didn't want it to end - always a good sign!"


"I loved this story, sensitively told with its real-life dramas, so very well written I found it difficult to put down."

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