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Reflections on 2021

As it happens, for me, it has turned out to be quite an adventure!

In June 2021 we moved from a small Suffolk village to the town of Bury St Edmunds. It is this move, that I realise now has had a profound effect on me. My gut feeling, when we made the decision, was that I would prefer the life of a townie. In fact, living in this wonderful town has surpassed my expectations.

With our home on the edge of town, we are a twenty-minute walk from the top of Abbeygate. It’s a walk I always enjoy (except when it's pouring with rain) and invariably I end up taking photos of something interesting I spot on route. A good example of this is a day in December when I decided to have an impromptu Best Christmas Wreath competition.

I have quickly come to love this town, as those of you who follow me will know, with its Georgian architecture, beautiful Cathedral, Abbey ruins and a lively mix of independent shops, cafés and restaurants. Folk are friendly, often with a smile for a passer by.

All change in my working life

As an Author I work out of a spare bedroom which becomes my office. When I was at my favourite café, No. 5, one day, I picked up a postcard advertising a Shared Working Space in town called @inc which is part of the organisation, Menta, who help and support the self-employed and small businesses. I enquired and was amazed and surprised by what I found. So now, two days a week, I put my laptop in my rucksack and off I go into town.

There, I have met people from different walks of life running interesting and exciting businesses. It is all very friendly and supportive and I have been spurred on to reach for bigger and better goals.

Tai Chi - the moving meditation

I also started a Tai Chi class at The Self Centre in September and can just about do the first section of The Form, Yang Jun style. My teacher has endless patience and he needs it! Together with my fellow classmates we always find something to laugh about.

Living Wisely in the Moment

I have meditated on and off over the years and am sold on the benefits it brings. So joining a Mindfulness Group that meets in the Abbey Gardens in the summer months has been a really good move. There are always challenges in life and learning to live mindfully and wisely in the moment has amazing benefits. It has helped me enormously with what has been going on in the world over the last two years. I hope you find it refreshing that I'm not actually going to mention it.

Nothing but Good Times ahead

I love the optimism of this saying, and often quote it with a smile on my face. And right now I have a very good feeling about the year ahead, 2022. I feel inspired and motivated to achieve greatness!

How are you feeling?

Are you optimistic about what 2022 will bring for you? Let me know by commenting below.


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