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Feel-good Women's Fiction by Faith Hogan

I've just finished this book: What Happened To Us? by Faith Hogan.

I really enjoy the stories of this writer and this was a satisfying tale set in Dublin.

I particularly liked that Carrie Nolan is a strong successful woman who makes good decisions even in the face of adversity.

Her husband, Kevin, dumps her right at the start for a Columbian waitress who works in the restaurant that Carrie and Kevin own and have built into a foodie destination for diners.

The Sea Pear: destination restaurant

Although Kevin is the chef, Carrie is the brains behind the success of The Sea Pear and her charming friendly style, running the front of house keeps the punters coming back.

Although she is devastated by Kevin's infidelty, she soon picks herself up and sorts herself out.

You get a real feel for Dublin as a place - the good and the bad as you get with any city.

Page turner

It is essential a romantic tale and keeps you turning the pages. I did find some of the elements of the story a bit far fetched but was happy to suspend belief and keep reading.

As an author myself, I am loathed to point this out, but there were too many typos. I found myself re-reading sentences, thinking I must have misread it, but no! Wrong words slip in and the number of mistakes was too many. Normally I would find one or two in a novel but here there are too many.

Feel-good ending

Despite this I really enjoyed the book. It had a very satisfying ending.

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