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Do you support local independent shops?

Bury St Edmunds has a wealth of independent shops - many on the lovely St John's Street.

You're catered from party outfits to eco shopping refills with sewing alterations in between. It is like going back in time in a way.

And provides a wonderful antidote to online shopping.

Bury is the perfect size for a town in my opinion; big enough to have lots of interest but small enough to get to know easily and walk around in half an hour.

Bay Tree Cafe
Cafe on St John's Street

You're never far from a Cafe too! As you may know, No.5 Angel Hill is my favourite but Bay Tree Cafe on St John's Street looks good too.

But if we don't support these smaller shops they won't survive. I did notice in Bury that during the first lockdown some shops closed down which is sad. But what was really pleasing to see is that new shop owners bought up the space and opened - pandemic or not.

Lipstick & Locks is a good example of this. They have such an attractive window and apparently cocktails are served inside.

I think it would be a real shame if these quirky shops disappeared. In Bury St Ed. I'm sure they have a good chance of surviving, but not sure if other towns are so lucky.

What's it like in your home town?


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