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Does taking it easy come naturally?

I've just had a few days taking it easy as I wasn't feeling too good. Nothing terrible but no energy.

At first I went through the usual - how frustrating, must keep working, need to keep going. And then I thought, how silly.

I gave into the situation, got myself a cup of coffee, sat on my sofa and read the weekend paper pretty much cover to cover leaving out the boring bits; should we bring back mammoths and dinosaurs? – how ridiculous!

This is something I don’t normally make the time to do.

I went to Sainsbury's and bought lots of organic veg and then made vegetable soup – a huge vat of which I am lunching on daily to boost my immune system. By the way, of all the supermarkets, I find that Sainsbury's have the most extensive organic range.

I watched The Great Pottery Throw Down which is currently on Channel 4 – love that program. It is amazing what the potters create and it is all done with a wonderful camaraderie between the competing potters. Keith Brymer gets very emotional and always sheds a tear when judging at least one of the contestants work.

So, here I am a few days later feeling better.

Reflecting back, it's interesting how we drive ourselves relentlessly forward and get frustrated at the slightest set back. Instead, it would be better to see each day as a gift to be spent in a way that pleases us and from which at least a small amount of joy comes.

I am aware that there are difficult times that people go through which make this much harder, if not impossible. And that it all the more reason for me to be grateful for the life I have.

Do you find it easy to relax and have a leisurely time when your body is saying help I need a rest!? Let me know in the comment boxes.


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