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What I am writing today

I am so grateful for the gift of creative writing. It is such a joy to create characters and storylines that will delight readers.

I am an avid reader myself and get through a novel every few weeks just by reading at bed time. Who says that they don't have time to read?!

I’ve just finished a novel by Amanda Prowse, described as the queen of family drama, and she certainly is that. More about that in my review of the book: All Good Things.

My current project (seventh novel) is entitled:

The Tramp in the Garden

It is about two women born on the same day who have very different lives:

Caroline is born into a middle-class family in Tunbridge Wells and meets Geoffrey, an accountant, in the classical music tent at Glastonbury in 1986. He is ten years older than her and his London life seems much more exciting than hers so she marries him. In 2023, she is living a very comfortable life in Bury St Edmunds and doesn’t want for anything, but there is something missing. Despite having a daughter, an adorable granddaughter and a lovely home, she is unfulfilled. Her husband belittles her work and doesn’t understand her values.

Annie was born to an alcoholic mother and a father who is a builder and leaves home when Annie is just seven years old. Life in a council flat is difficult and it is Annie looking after her mother most of the time. After being persuaded by a friend to go to Glastonbury in 1986, which is a CND rally, she goes on to Greenham Common to join the other women protesters. It is here she starts to practice yoga and meditation and learns the meaning of a zen lifestyle. When she is called back to Bury St Edmunds to look after her mother who has liver disease by then, Annie’s life starts to go horribly wrong.

This novel explores a number of themes:

• How the circumstances of your birth and upbringing can affect your life

• The devastating effect of alcoholism

• Attitudes of different people towards homelessness

• The issues around homelessness

Whilst that is all serious stuff, the story also has a lot of humour and delightful, touching moments. And I promise you will be left feeling good about life.

This novel fits into the genres of contemporary fiction and women's fiction.

I am currently writing up to the midpoint of the novel. I’m enjoying every moment of creating this work and as always love my characters, particularly Annie.

While I finish this novel, you might like to try one of the six already published on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback. Take a look at: My Books


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