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Monday Morning - here we go again

Monday mornings can be full of hope and expectation: what does the week ahead hold for me?

It can be a good time to set some mini-goals for the week. Although my style seems to be to stumble through it coping with what is thrown at me. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong?

But I am forever optimistic about the week ahead. Even if the previous week has been very bad, I’m thinking NEXT week will be better!

Looking back, I think I must be seriously deluded. But hey, they say optimists live longer.

Highlights of last week

My art class and pretty happy with this week’s painting

  • Amazon advertising for my novels going well – trying to crack the US market now – eek!

  • Met Alan Johnson at the Lavenham Literary Festival talking about his latest novel, One of our Ministers is Missing – The Grey came away with a signed copy.

  • Received the manuscript for The Artist, the Farmer and the Ancient Oak back from my editor – this is Round 2 – earlier than expected so will be cracking on with that next.

So, as I write I’m feeling very positive about this week.

What’s your Monday Morning feeling? Do you have a plan, any mini-goals? Please let me know by writing in the comment back below.


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