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The Secret to Successful Marriage

Two bathrooms!

I've decided that Valentine's Day is a good day to announce that my new bathroom (making us a two bathroom household) is finished. Almost. Having his and hers bathrooms definitely leads to marital harmony. Admittedly it doesn't work miracles but it certainly helps!

We moved into this house at the end of June 2021 - at the time a lot of people moved to make the most of the stamp duty holiday. It wasn't long before I started to track down plumbers and bathroom fitters. The job wasn't straightforward as we were taking out an en-suite and turning bedroom 4 into a bathroom.

Luckily I found a local guy, Mark Betts, who did an excellent job. But the start date of the end of October got stretched to beginning of December due to unforeseen circumstances. So, at the end of three weeks of demolition and bathroom fitting, we were very close to Christmas!

The house was covered in dust and we didn't have a cleaner, so despite our rather feeble efforts, the dust mounted. I didn't put the decorations up because what was the point? Finally, the plumbers work was done, all bar snagging.

But we opted to do our own decoration as in painting. Walls had been plastered and some sanding was required and this work is, how can I put it, ongoing.

But I am hopeful it really will be complete next week.

Despite all this, having two bathrooms again is a joy. The master bedroom is now bigger and once we have a new carpet and curtains we will be able to move in there.

So here it is in all its almost finished glory.


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