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Winter Daylight and How you feel

A view across Angel Hill of the cathedral at Bury St Edmunds
Bury St Edmunds in the Winter sun

I heard Monty Don talking on Radio 4 last Sunday (BH 9am) about what he does to overcome SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. He was saying that years ago he would start feeling down in August as the days begin to shorten and it would peak in the winter in December at Christmas.

Now he tries to get outside during daylight hours every day. Being a gardener must compel him somewhat! But, of course, some days are grey and wet which makes it harder to persuade yourself it is a good idea.

The other important thing is to be in nature if you can. Walk through parks or countryside if it’s on your doorstep. I really enjoy my walk to work even though I live in town, there are still trees and plants and this morning there were birds singing in the sunshine – it was joyful. It really gives you a lift. That twenty-minute walk sets me up for the day.

SAD is also known as Winter Depression. For me it’s all about sunshine. I find it hard when we have a period of cloudy weather with drizzle or rain – it seems to limit the daylight even more in winter. I often complain of days when it dark all day!

But we do get sunny days all year round and, for me, there is nothing better than a walk, in nature in the sunshine. So this is high priority for me.

What is your experience of these shorter days?

Ickworth parkland - glorious in the January daylight
Walking at Ickworth park in the January daylight

What is your experience? How do you cope with grey days?


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