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Gill Buchanan's Blog

Writers and Blogging are a perfect pairing

As an author, writing comes naturally to me. It’s something I love and feeds my urge to be creative.

As part of the process of writing novels I research the subjects and themes.

Currently I am writing Wanda’s Tree which explores the practices of intensive farming vs organic more natural ways and the effect on our wildlife.

Through my research I’ve discovered how amazing trees are, and in particular oak trees which can live to 900 years old. I’ve also looked at the effects of pesticides and herbicides on our soil which has a dramatic effect on our wildlife.

This fascinating subject, which is very topical today, is best shared in longer pieces on my blog.

I have recently started a new blog on the Wix platform, which I am finding very user friendly and this alone is encouraging me to blog.

With my blog I am building momentum for Wanda’s Tree – getting readers interested before the big launch later this year.

I am an avid reader myself and will be writing reviews of the novels I read on my blog. I’m currently reading, The Ladies' Midnight Swimming Club by Sheila O'Flanagan which I am really enjoying.

Most importantly, I own my blog website and so I own the content and no one can take it down. I can also engage with my readers through their comments.

Do you write or read blogs? Let me know in the comments below.


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